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Sour Howes with Walks Around Britain

Back in June we did a video walk up Sour Howes, one of our local Wainwrights, with Andrew White of

You can see the video that we made here – it’s a lovely walk – just far enough so you feel that you deserve that pint of beer at The Haybarn on the way back, but not so far that it’s too taxing for the casual walker.

The best thing is that it can be done straight from the door of your lodge.


Filming with Walks around Britain

Last week we made another walking video with Andrew from Walks Around Britain.

We thought long and hard about the route – we contemplated doing the Troutbeck Tongue as it’s a fairly iconic landmark as well as being one of the easiest and most accessible Wainwrights from our lake district lodges. In the end though we plumped for Sour Howes – mostly because it has such fantastic views and it was a clear day.

Last time we filmed with Andrew we did Wansfell Pike but it was very hazy and we felt a bit cheated that the views at the top were quite restricted.

This time we had no such problems and the views from the other side of the valley were quite spectacular as you can see in this panoramic 360 degree image

You can get a fantastic idea of the local scenery here and the view of Limefitt Park and our lodges from up on the fellside is quite stunning.

This time we walked with Suki and Andrew’s elder dog Maisie.

We are really looking forward to seeing the video when the walk appears on the WAB site!

Our Wansfell Pike walk with Walks Around Britain is nearly ready!

You can see a preview of the walk here.

Andrew from Walks around Britain came to stay with us at Otter Lodge at the end of March, and we did the walk on a lovely sunny but hazy day

The finished video will be going live in a very prestigious  and exclusive location by the end of next week – we’ll let you know where once it’s up there :-)


Filming a walk from Otter Lodge up Wansfell Pike with Walks Around Britain

Getting ready at Otter Lodge

Getting ready at Otter Lodge

Last weekend we took advantage of the fabulous March weather to film a walk up Wansfell Pike with Andrew from Walks Around Britain. We chose this walk because of the fantastic views in all directions that reward you for making the effort to get to the top.

Starting off in the sunshine we passed Jesus Church which has a carpet of daffodils at this time of year

This a partial panorama photo so you can use your mouse to pan around.

Waterfall on Wansfell Pike

Waterfall on Wansfell Pike

We climbed up via Robin Lane and found that although the weather was fantastic – not a cloud in the sky – it was very hazy and the view was a bit limited. It seems wrong to complain though.

We carried on , stopping every now and then to film our progress, the ascent took rather longer than usual.

The world's heaviest tripod at the top of Wansfell Pike

The world's heaviest tripod at the top of Wansfell Pike

We finally reached the top having between us lugged up what must be the world’s heaviest tripod :-)

The view, in spite of the haze was still amazing.

This a 360 degree panorama photo so you can use your mouse to pan around.



We were accompanied on the walk by Merlin, Andrews young collie. I would love to have brought Suki along too but she’s in season and as Merlin is an intact male it didn’t seem like a great idea! One crazy dog was probably enough I suppose! :-)

Daffodils outside The Mortal Man

Daffodils outside The Mortal Man

We stopped on a corner, with Limefitt Park as a backdrop. to film a quick interview about our lodges and then we made our way down Nanny lane to The Mortal Man for a well earned pint.

Lambs near Limefitt Park

Lambs near Limefitt Park

On the way home we passed our first lambs – Andrew did a spot of filming near them to make the point about dogs , leads and lambing and then we returned to Otter Lodge.

Andrew tells me the raw footage looks great so I can’t wait to see what the final cut brings. Regardless of that we both had a great day out in the sunshine.

A great walk, great company and a lovely dog. What more could you ask from a Lake District day?